Family and inheritance law

Contracts of marriage, agreements on property division, drafts of divorcement documents.

Family and inheritance law

We advise our customers on all issues arising in family legal relationship. We render assistance to our customers on legal issues including financial issues in entering into marriage, advise how to conclude and register contracts of marriage, agree on property division, draw up divorce documents, carry out an analysis of the contracts of marriage, represent our customers in the proceedings concerning divorce, award of mutual maintenance of the former spouses, division of joint common ownership, determination of the place of residence of a child, award of maintenance for children and in other cases. We provide advice on all property inheritance issues.

Services rendered by us include:

  • advice on entering into marriage, determination of the legal status of the property of spouses, conclusion, management and amending of the contracts of marriage, dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage, property and non-property rights of spouses, mutual maintenance of spouses and children, adoption;
  • advice on protection of inheritable estate, administration of inheritable estate, division of inherited estate, contesting of a will, certificate of the right to inheritance and other issues arising out of inheritance legal relationship;
  • marriage, separation, division of property acquired during the marriage, drafting and evaluation of contracts as to the legal consequences of the divorce;
  • obtaining of a consent from the court (to accept inheritance, assign property);
  • drawing up of procedural and other documents (actions, applications);
  • representation before the court in divorce, division of the property of spouses, determination of a place of residence of children, award, increasing or reducing of maintenance for children (alimony), award of maintenance from the spouse, non-pecuniary damage, establishing the right to guardianship or curatorship, paternity affiliation or contesting of paternity, origin of the child, in adoption proceedings.
  • We successfully represented our customer on establishment of the fact of acceptance of heritage and annulment of a will.
  • We represented our customer in the case concerning divorce by mutual consent of the spouses and determination of a place of residence of minor children.
  • We successfully represented our customer in reopening of proceedings in the divorce case; in the proceedings reopened by delivery of a decision there was changed initial division of the property of spouses.
  • We provided advice and represented our customers in divorce (under contentious and non-contentious procedure), represented them in the proceedings concerning paternity affiliation.

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Representation in bankruptcy and restructuring procedures.

We provide legal services regarding all labor law issues.