Multimodal Cargo Transportation – One Carrier, Different Liabilities

the cargo transportation by different modes of transport is governed by different international conventions that differently regulate the problems of foundations of limitation and exemption from liability for the carrier. Therefore, when transporting a cargo in different modes of transport there will inevitably be questions raised related to the regulation of the liability of the operator carrying out the multimodal transportation.


The Carrier’s Civil Liability Insurance (CMR) in Lithuania: a Different Understanding of Gross Negligence in the Relationship of Cargo Transportation and Insurance

Bearing in mind that the damage caused in the course of the performance of a cargo transportation contract by the carrier inherently does not arise spontaneously, but for violation of various conditions of transportation contract, failure (illegal actions) to comply with the requirements applicable to the activity of cargo transportation or behavior rules, finding of gross negligence by the carrier has become so widely used that the arguments that have actually become standard on the fact that the damage has been caused due to gross negligence of the carrier can be found in almost every decision of an insurance company when refusing to meet the requirements of the carrier or the victim that suffered the damage due to cargo loss or damage for payment of an insurance claim.


How to establish a transport company in Lithuania?

The activity of cargo transportation by road vehicles with a maximum permissible weight, including a trailer (semi-trailer), of more than 3.5 tons and for a fee may be conducted only by carriers holding a licence issued in the manner prescribed.


Vehicle Confiscation as a Coercive Administrative Measure

Article 208 Section 4 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Lithuania provides for the possibility to confiscate the vehicle intended for smuggling or concealment of items when transporting them across the border of the Republic of Lithuania.


Purchase and Sale of a Business: A Concern of Both Parties

Although no one is surprised by notices of company acquisitions any longer and the conception of business as a good becomes more and more frequent, the process of acquisition or sale of business often lacks professional attitude. Thus, the funds saved for a qualified advice later must be spent for resolution of disputes between the purchaser and the seller or simply for acceptance of unforeseen losses.