Labor Law

We provide legal services regarding all labor law issues.

Labor Law

Our long-term experience in solving different labor law issues, related to both collective and individual legal nexus, allows us to offer our clients the solutions which best meet their interests and needs and are best applied in practice. We provide consultations for companies’ managers and employees on wage setting regulation issues, material liability issues, prepare and evaluate labor contracts, employees lease (outsourcing) agreements, office rules, confidentiality and non-competition agreements and other documents, represent clients at courts, individual and collective labor law disputes.

Our services:

  • preparation of collective labor contracts’ drafts;
  • legal assessment of valid collective labor contracts;
  • preparation of commercial secrets protection agreements;
  • preparation of training expenses’ compensation agreements;
  • preparation of non-competition agreements;
  • preparation of companies’ internal order documentation, job description instructions, regulations, occupational safety regulations;
  • preparation of draft orders (on application of disciplinary liability; dismissal; setting up a committee for resolution of labor disputes etc.);
  • preparation of other documents related to labor nexus;
  • consultations on drawing up of individual and collective labor contracts, execution, amending, termination, reinstating of dismissed employees, working and resting time, secondments, wages, application of disciplinary and material liability, compensation of material damage caused upon employer, compensation of damage caused upon employees health and other issues, as well as issues related to workers’ temporary employment – outsourcing;
  • establishing of labor councils, consultating and informing of employees;
  • consultations on employment of foreigh workers (both EU citizens, and citizens of the third cournties), assistance in obtaining work and residence permits;
  • representing of clients during parties’ negotiations, at state institutions and at courts of all instances.


  • For a forwarding company our Law Office has drawn up a commercial secrets (confidential information) protection and non-competition agreement as well as commercial secrets list tailored for the company’s managers and provided consultations to our client on signing these documents.
  • We successfully represented a Lithuanian transportation company in a judicial dispute in accordance with the procedure of extraordinary proceedings which was related to actions of a bailiff who had improperly executed decisions of Labor Disputs Comission by which wage and average wage for delayed settlement period had been adjudged. The court has recognized that the bailiff worngly calculated average wage for the delayed settlement period.
  • Our Law Office has successfully represented a transportation-logistics company in a case against its employee concerning application of material liability (compensation of material damage).
  • We consulted a company engaged in international transportation busineess cocerning employees transfer issues.
  • We successfully represented an employer in a case against an employee. The case was related to compensation of damages in the amount of 0,5 million LTL.
    • Our Law Office has consulted a Lithuanian electronics and engineering company on labor law nexus, protection of confidential information and limitation of employees compettion issues.

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