Real estate law

Draft contracts for purchase-sale, leasing of real estate.

Real estate law

Taking into consideration the needs of our customers, we draw up an analysis of real estate projects and the projects of other investment in real estate, provide professional advice on the legal issues concerning investment and purchase-sale of real estate located in Lithuania, draft contracts for purchase-sale of real estate, leasing contracts and other documents of legal power.

Our rendered services include:

  • drafting of preliminary and main contracts for purchase-sale, lease, leasing of residential, commercial, agricultural, forestry, water and other purpose land and construction works;
  • drafting of contracts for designing operations, prime construction contracting, technical supervision of construction operations, contracting, subcontracting, lease, sublease, mortgage, management of real estate and other contracts;
  • restoration of ownership rights to the existing real estate, acquisition of ownership on the basis of acquisitive prescription, establishment of servitude;
  • changing of the main destination of buildings, premises;
  • providing advice to purchasers, sellers, owners, lessors, pledgers of real property and other persons on acquisition, management of real property, determination of parts of property in joint common ownership, division and partitioning of common property, assignment of property, restriction of rights to it, conclusion of contracts, legal assessment of the terms and conditions of contracts and other issues;
  • representation of our customers in negotiations between the parties (negotiations over the terms and conditions of contracts, conclusion of contracts), before public authorities (the Real Property Register, the Mortgage Register, the Register of Property Seizure Acts by registering/unregistering the real rights to real property, encumbrances thereof, legal facts), in relationship with state and municipal authorities (obtaining of permits for real property transactions and construction activities, changing the destination of land), in the procedures of drawing up of territorial planning documents;
  • representation and counselling in resolution of disputes before courts of all instances and arbitration tribunal.
  • We successfully represented a purchaser of an apartment in the dispute with the seller of the apartment for refusal to enter into the main contract for purchase and sale of the apartment and repayment of the paid advance as the seller constructed different apartment than provided for in the preliminary contract. The court decided that the seller has violated the preliminary contract and satisfied the action brought by the principal.
  • We effectually represented our customer for declaration of a contract for purchase and sale of three parcels of land with a house null and void. The court satisfied the action brought by the customer represented by us and returned the parcels of land with the house to his ownership.
  • We successfully represented our customer who acquired the right to the debt from an enterprise in bankruptcy in judicial proceedings against a bank with the Scandinavian capital operating in Lithuania which has failed to settle accounts with the enterprise in bankruptcy for the carried out construction operations in a building of the bank’s branch. The amount of the dispute was around LTL 0.3 million.
  • We successfully represented our customer in the cases concerning lease of the State-owned land against Vilnius City Municipality.
  • We advised and represented our customer in dealing with the issues concerning territorial planning in Kuršių Nerija.
    • We provided advice to a company engaged in designing and manufacture of thermal processing equipment on sale of real property or a part of business by the company’s shareholders.

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