Insurance law

The law firm advise on different legal issues of insurance law.

Insurance law

The attorneys-at-law of the law firm advise on different legal issues, specialise in the fields of carrier’s civil liability insurance (CMR), cargo insurance, compulsory insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles, contractor civil liability insurance and other civil liability insurance. Generally, the law firm also acts in such areas as representation of customers in disputes, before courts and drawing up of procedural documents and other documents related to insurance.

Our rendered services include:
providing advice on the issues concerning conclusion, execution, amending, expiry and invalidity of insurance contracts, adjustment of claims, determination of the amount of the claim;
drawing up of legal conclusions concerning recognition of the particular event as an insured event, reasonableness of refusal to pay out or reduce an insurance benefit;
advising on application of civil liability, distribution of liability, possibilities for implementation of recourse claims;
representation in claim adjustment proceedings in gathering evidence of the amount of the claim, mechanism and reasons of arising thereof, negotiations, disputes between the policyholder and the insurer over paying out or refusal to pay out of an insurance benefit;
representation in the cases concerning recognition of the respective events as insured/non-insured events, determination of the amount of insurance benefits, refusal to pay out an insurance benefit, requests for repayment of insurance premiums, in other disputes over proper performance of obligations assumed by the insurance contract.

  • We gave advice to a freight forwarding company based in Lithuania on liability of the freight forwarder as the contractual carrier, represented our customer in a judicial dispute according to the right of claim acquired by means of subrogation of the insurer of the cargo during which a reconciliation agreement was entered into under the conditions favourable to the customer.
  • We provided advice to an insurer based in Lithuania on the validity of the compulsory insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles in the territory of the European Union, the right of the insurance company to recover the insurance benefit paid out to a third party where the carrier has failed to notify of the increased risk.
  • We successfully represented out customer in a judicial dispute over award of damage in the case against an insurer of civil liability the owner of a construction works.
  • We successfully represented the interests of a freight forwarder and consignee, namely the Russian company, in the case against an insurance company of Lithuania for paying out of an insurance benefit for the lost cargo amounting to USD 83,406.00.

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