Transport Law

Transport law is our Law Office’s primary area of activity. We have been specializing in transport law since the year 2000.

Transport Law

We follow only best practices and offer to our clients complex transport law services related to cargo transportation by roads, sea, air and railway.Moreover, we represent our clients at courts, arbitration courts, provide consultations, prepare agreements, procedural and other actual legal documents.

Our services:

  • preparation of contracts (orders) on cargo transportation by roads;
  • International and local logistic, forwarding, loading, agency, warehousing and other contracts;
  • claims, letters of protest, cargo acceptance-transfer acts and other necessary documents;
  • preparation of carrier’s instructions, documents formalizing cargo acceptance for transportation;
  • consultations on all issues related to local and international cargo transportation, drawing up international cargo transportation contracts in accordance with the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), legal conclusions regarding application of carrier’s liability, liability distribution, employee’s liability against the employer (carrier), cargo detention, forwarder’s possibilities to have recourse, execution of liabilities assumed by participants of transportation, insurance disputes;
  • representation of carriers, forwarders, agents, middlemen, cargo senders and consignees at court and in nexus with the third persons;
  • representation of subjects participating in cargo transportation disputes (concerning payouts in accordance with cargo insurance or carrier’s civil liability insurance contracts and rules, during insurance disputes, when exacting damage inflicted during transportation or transportation-related damage;
  • representation of clients in lawsuits concerning compensations for loss, damage, arrest or late delivery of cargo, cargo delivery to consignee.
  • We consulted a group of international logistics companies on legal issues related to forwarding, prepared drafts of cargo forwarding agreements, performed legal evaluation of cargo transportation and forwarding agreements prior to their signing, provided consultations on corporate law issues.
  • Our Law Office has consulted transportation companies and forwarders in Lithuania which lost their cargoes and transportation vehicles during the fire on Lisco Gloria ferry concerning sea carrier’s liability, application of the general average’s institute, submitting of claims to a limited liability fund established by the sea carrier, liabilities of road transport carriers against cargo senders.
  • We consulted and prepared procedural documents in legal cases on adjudgement of payment from clients (senders) who failed to pay up for transportation of cargoes.
  • We provided consultations to a company, which provides complex solutions in railway transportation sphere, on how to organize provision of rail freight cars technical maintenance services. We have prepared a draft of a rail freight cars technical maintenance services provision agreement.
  • Our Law Office has successfully represented interests of a Lithuanian forwarding company owned by one of the largest logistic groups in Europe during a legal dispute with a Polish carrier concerning compensation of damages incurred by the client, when a carrier lost a part of cargo.
    • We successfully represented a carrier during a court dispute with a forwarding agency, which made a claim against the carrier concerning recognition of a transportation agreement invalid. After the claim on recognizing the transportation agreement invalid was rejected, a debt of 17,000.00 LTL was adjudged and exacted in favor of our client.
    • Our Law Office consulted a group of forwarding companies concerning forwarder’s liability, when a cargo in the value of 100,000.00 USD was lost, we performed legal auditing of cargo forwarding agreements (by road and railway transport).
    • We consulted one of the leading transport companies in Lithuania concerning their position in a judicial dispute taking place in the United Kingdom (possibilities on application in the said case of limited carrier’s liability in accordance with the CMR Convention, disputing cargo sender’s demands concerning excises and value added taxes paid for the lost cargo), when due to a theft the cargo of goods subject to excise taxes was lost (the sum of claims against the carrier amounted to 2,5 million LTL).
    • Our Law Office successfully represented a forwarder and cargo consignee (a company in Russia) concerning payout of insurance payment due to loss of cargo the value whereof was 83,406.00 USD.

Contracts of marriage, agreements on property division, drafts of divorcement documents.

Claims, applications, requests, appeals.

We consult on corporate and commercial law matters.