Mindaugas Simkunas
Managing Partner, Lawyer



1990 Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree obtained from Vilnius University

Professional activities

1995  Ministry of Justice grants Mindaugas Šimkūnas a license to practice law
1995 – Registration of Mindaugas Šimkūnas’ Law Firm
April 7, 2000 the Law Office of Attorney Mindaugas Šimkūnas is registered with the Lithuanian Bar Association
Managing partner at the Law Office of Attorney Mindaugas Šimkūnas and Partners VERUM since 2014

Areas of Legal Practice

Transport Law, Corporate Law, Civil Process, Real estate law, Labour law


Lithuanian and Russian

  • Represented head of administration of an expedition transport company in an administrative infringement case as arbitrariness charges were pressed against the head of administration in the case. The expedition company detained a cargo of a consignor who owed the expedition company, until the consignor settled accounts in full. The consignor reported the head of administration to law enforcement institutions stating that the head of administration allegedly exercised arbitrariness when detaining the cargo. Thanks to successful representation, the arbitrariness charges were rejected as it was proved that the expedition company lawfully exercised its right of detaining the cargo.
  • Drafted a contract on protection of commercial secrets (confidential information) and non-competition to be signed with the company’s employees, a list of commercial secretes to a transport freight forwarding company, advised the company on signing the documents.
  • Provided advance to an international logistic companies group on freight forwarding legal relationship, drafted a freight forwarding contract providing for freight forwarding by all means of transport, carried out a legal assessment of contracts concerning transportation of goods, freight forwarding to be signed, advised on corporate law.
  • Provided advice to Lithuanian transport companies and freight forwarders for liability of the marine shipper for the loss of cargoes and vehicles as a result of a fire in the ferry “Lisco Gloria”, application of the concept of the general average, bringing of claims against the limited liability fund formed by the marine carrier, liability of carriers by road transport against shippers.
    • Successfully represented an enterprise in bankruptcy before the former manager of the enterprise for award of the losses caused to the enterprise due to improperly organised activities of the enterprise, failure to transfer the enterprise’s assets to the bankruptcy administrator, use of the enterprise’s assets not to the interests of the enterprise. The amount of the dispute was around LTL 300 thous.
    • Drew up procedural documents, conducted the enterprise bankruptcy proceedings against the former manager of the company for contesting the transaction violating the creditors’ right, application of restitution by enforcing the creditors’ recovery to the monetary funds received by the manager according to the transaction in court. The amount of the dispute was LTL 215 thous.
    • Provided advice to a metal processing production company on personal liability of the debtor’s manager who has missed the time limit for instituting bankruptcy proceedings against the company. Successfully represented the customer in the judicial proceedings against the former manager of the debtor for award of losses (amount of the dispute was around LTL 25 thous.).
    • Effectually represented our customer who acquired the right to the debt from an enterprise in bankruptcy in judicial proceedings against a bank with the Scandinavian capital operating in Lithuania which has failed to settle accounts with the enterprise in bankruptcy for the carried out construction operations in a building of the bank’s branch. The amount of the dispute was around LTL 0.3 million.
    • Gave advice to a freight forwarding company based in Lithuania on liability of the freight forwarder as the contractual carrier, represented the customer in a judicial dispute according to the right of claim acquired by means of subrogation of the insurer of the cargo during which a reconciliation agreement was entered into under the conditions favourable to the customer.

Mindaugas Simkunas

Managing Partner, Lawyer

Transport Law, Corporate Law, Civil Process, Labour law


Albertas Buta

Partner, Lawyer

Transport Law, Corporate Law, Civil Process, Labour law


Vytautas Grieze

Managing Associate, Lawyer

Criminal law, law suites of administrative judicial proceedings, real estate law, corporate law, family law, succession law